Life List


My Life List is a bucket list and list of life goals that I want to accomplish all rolled into one. On this page I will update you on the items I am currently working on achieving as well as sharing my past experiences that I have crossed off the list already. For a little background on why I started this and wanted to share, you can read it here. So here is my ever-growing, constant work in progress of a Life List.

Visit an elephant habitat and ride an elephant
Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin heels
Read the Quran
Learn to play the piano
Learn a second language (Spanish)
Audition for Disney
Go on a mission trip
Become a certified scuba diver
Learn how to pick a lock
Go to the Grand Canyon
Visit Niagara Falls
Participate in a flash mob
Meet the Royal Family aka The Carters – Jay-Z, Queen Bey, and Blue Ivy
Crash a wedding and/or big party
Visit a volcano
Visit the Louvre
Learn to fly a plane
Go sailing
Overcome self-doubt
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Build a snowman
Throw a drink in someone’s face
Swim with dolphins
Attend a tea ceremony in Japan
Meet Oprah
Experience blindness
Eliminate my limp when I walk
Go skeet shooting
Get more tattoos
Cliff Dive (read)
Be in a food fight
Make a scrap-book of my pictures in Europe
Build a custom home
Attend Comic-Con
Go dog-sledding
Go speed dating
Saber a champagne bottle
See the Northern Lights
Go on Safari in Africa
Go on a Mission Trip
Ride in a hot air balloon
Have a New Years kiss
Attend the taping of a talk show
Learn how to pole dance/do tricks
Meet Mariah Carey
Visit Vatican City
Attend Mardi Gras
Ride on the London Eye
Get married and start a family
Hang out with Diddy for a day
Ride in a submarine
Attend the shows at New York and Paris Fashion Week
Visit Rome and see the Colosseum
Attend the Olympics
Join the mile high club
Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
Attend a rodeo
Write and record a song
Invent something
Have drinks at an ice bar
Participate in a pub crawl
Go Christmas caroling
Learn to fence
Do a split
Experience weightlessness
Build a doll house
Attend high tea in London
Participate in a historical reenactment
Stand on the equator
Learn to cook
Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
Visit the Pyramids
Learn to jump a horse
Get high in Amsterdam
Go to the Grand Ole Opry
Kiss under mistletoe
Send/find a message in a bottle
Go to a sweat lodge
Have my portrait painted
See a shooting star
Write a book
Go to graduate school
Visit the city of Venice
Attend a Ted Talk
Better my penmanship and write by hand more
Learn calligraphy
Attend the Kentucky Derby
Eat a Belgium Waffle in Belgium
Audition for a singing competition
Take up yoga and meditation




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