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Word Crush Wednesday II


I truly believe this quote on so many levels. In life, to be genuinely satisfied we have to actively work for and pursue the things that will fill us with happiness and fulfillment. Each person is different and the picture of happiness varies from person to person. But across the board all human beings want to be full of joy and satisfaction for the lives they are leading. From your career, to your love life, to the home you live in, to the food you eat daily, the friendships you have, and how you spend your free time, all need to feed your soul in a positive way. All the little parts of our lives that come together and equal our world should be enjoyable (for the most part), otherwise you go day to day, moment to moment is a constant state of dread and unfulfillment.

When you continually engage in activities you don’t enjoy, or interact with people that bring down your spirits, or work in a career that you despise, it takes a toll on your emotional and mental health. There will always be times when you will have to do things that you don’t want to or have to deal with people that you may not enjoy, but when those times come up you should be able to push through them. That could be a grueling academic program, or an unpaid internship, or a difficult confrontation with a friend, or a long day at the office, or a sleepless night with your child, or a really unsatisfying meal, or a passionless relationship. Obstacles and hardships come in varying degrees and are constantly changing from day to day. But if you are able to get through those moments what should be waiting for you on the other side is happiness, and fulfillment, and (I would hope) a shit ton of fun. If something in your life is not feeding you in a truly satisfying and enriching way, take some time to evaluate it and make the necessary changes for you to get to a place of true happiness.






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