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Song of the Day // Coffee


I have been anxiously waiting and praying for new music from him and it has happened. NO ONE is more happy than I am for this release from Miguel. I love him and all of his music so, so, so, sooooooooo very much. His new song “Coffee” is sexy and groovy and really has me feeling all types of ways. I’ve had this song on repeat since yesterday and I know this is all I’m going to be listening to for a while. Jam out and enjoy this with me everyone.


P.S. It must be so nice to date a musician or song writer and have them create music about how much they love and adore you. Miguel’s girlfriend, Nazanin is so bae and a total woman crush of mine, so he totally has a great source of inspiration for all this amazing music. I’ve never dated anyone that was a “creative type” but I would love to be someone’s muse. That must be such a nice boost to your ego to know that you are so dope that you can inspire someone to create beautiful music.

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