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Throwing It Back

A few weeks ago I went though an old hard drive of mine and started looking at old pictures of my friends and I in high school. I got caught up in the memories in the pictures and videos and spent almost two hours going through them. Yesterday morning a friend of mine started sending me old pictures from the depths of her Facebook of us in college. So after laughing hysterically at those and then diving into my own Facebook archives a few things became apparent to me about all those times.

1. High school was a lot of fun. My friends were awesome and we were always doing something fun and creative to entertain ourselves. Kudos to me for always bringing my camera with me everywhere I went to capture all of those times.

2. College was even better and I’m pretty sure it’s because it included alcohol. When I think back on college some of it is definitely a blur.  I’m not sure if it’s because it moved so quickly and I didn’t take note of everything as it happened or if I was just THAT intoxicated at times. My friends and I spent almost every night out on the town, partying it up, and having a ball while doing it. Living in Miami and having all the South Beach night clubs in our backyard made it so easy for us to go out ALL THE TIME. If we weren’t out at a club or bar there were always house or dorm parties happening. College was a rowdy, good time.

3. I thought I was SOOO fucking cute but I was a HOTT ASS MESS!!! It didn’t matter that I was chunky or that my hair was an awful shade of redish brown, I thought I was hot shit and acted as such. I would go out and DO WORK on guys I met. I have always been flirtatious but in college I use to work it because I thought I was all that AND a bag of chips.

I was overweight, unhealthy, and out of shape. The freshman fifteen is real and no fucking joke. I kept it on and packed on even more weight  over the years in college. Some of the things I use to squeeze myself into were SOOOO unflattering and overall not that stylish. It got so bad that during my sophomore year for an entire semester I wore nothing but leggings and these two pairs of Nike sweat pants with different tops or sorority t-shirts. Why do you ask? Because jeans were not an option. But none of that mattered because I was FEEL-ING-MY-SELF!!!

4. Thank the Lord up above that I discovered Youtube tutorials and learned how to do my makeup. I had NO CLUE at all what to do with my face and it was so unfortunate. I only used mineral foundation -FAIL- and I was always so shiny and greasy because of that. After being out in the Miami humidity and heat for ten minutes, I looked like I had just finished frying chicken on my forehead. And when I discovered gel liner and thought a dramatic wing was the way to go…sweet baby Jesus. It was so thick (not intentionally, I just hadn’t mastered the technique) and they were always a slightly different size and shape. Again, HOTT ASS MESS!

5. As my friend pointed out to me yesterday, I have a really good memory for random ass details. I catalog certain memories and facts in my mind depending on the clothing I was wearing when it happened. I can barely remember conversations I had last week, but I can perfectly describe the RANDOM guy with the gaudy chain, in the club that tried to talk to my friend, that ONE time four years ago because of the shirt I was wearing in a picture we took on the same night. It makes no sense to me but whatever.

I love looking back on old pictures and reminiscing on old times. Hysterically laughing at the thought of old jokes and funny memories is one of the greatest ways to pass some time to me. It always helps me to remember the people I have shared my time with in the past and makes me want to go out and create even more memories with them.

When was the last time you went though old pictures and reminisced on old times with your friends? If it has been a while run, don’t walk and take that trip down memory lane.


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