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Song of the Day // Trap Queen

Happy Saturday everyone!

I’ve had quite an funny morning with my family and some friends that stopped in for a visit. Let’s just say that my mother going off on my sister, me walking a friend out that had slept over, another friend walking in looking like she had been out all night, and my brother trying to walk outside carrying like 15 big bags (it was probably less, but we could barely see his face) all converged right outside of my bedroom door. We we’re all caught off guard to see each other at that exact moment and confused for a second but after that wore off we were able to get it together. Now as I am out and about running some errands I am jamming out to ‘Trap Queen’ by Fetty Wap. I have to admit that I BARELY understand what he is saying but I love the beat on this song. Join me in my hoodrat moment and goon out with me today.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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