Sorry, Not Sorry

Who’s excited that the holidays are in full swing right now? I know I am! Thanksgiving has come and gone and everyone on Earth is now preparing for Christmas. My family starts to prepare very early for the season. The second September rolls around we are scouring Pinterest for new tablescape and decoration ideas. The day after Halloween we pull the decorations out of the attic and get started on transforming the house into the Christmas palace we long for all year. The countdown is on and Christmas is fifteen days away so we are starting to prepare the menus for our brunch and dinner, we are planning and shopping for our tablescape, and purchasing the gifts that we have yet to buy.

Since we have been spending Christmas in Miami for the past couple of years, instead of heading down to Jamaica, our house has become to “it” place to be during the holidays for extended family members and close friends. By accident, a few years ago (maybe two or three) we extended the invitation to a few close friends and extended family members to join us on Thanksgiving. That year there were close to thirty people at my mother’s house for the holiday. After that year we swore to never to let it get out of control to that level again.

The people that we are used to having around for the holidays outside of my parents and siblings, are my mother’s three sisters and their children. That’s it, and anyone outside of that has to be specifically approved to be invited. Now however, we have some relatives
calling us saying that they are gonna come to the holidays even though we did not invite them. My family now has to tell people that we aren’t doing a major celebration, like in years past, so they don’t come. I totally understand why everyone wants to come to our house. I would want to be invited if I wasn’t apart of the family too. The food is top-notch and we have massive amounts of it, the table is beautifully set, there’s lots of liquor, and the fun really is on level ten.

Even though I know why they are trying to get invited, I still I cannot tell you how fucking annoying I find this. The holidays to are a time to spend with the close family and friends that you love and cherish most. These relatives that you may see a few times a year (and barely like) should not be included in the faces you should have to see. I tend to be a bit anti-social and if you are not a person I consider to be close to me, I don’t want to see your face. But that is ESPECIALLY true on a major holiday like Christmas.

I find it so rude that someone has the balls to call you up and ask/guilt you into including them in your plans. It’s soooooo awkward to have to turn these people down when they back you into a corner. It’s even more annoying to know that they are just too lazy to plan and organize their own festivities with their own families. These people are such a major imposition on those of us that take the time to plan our tables and menus for the intended number of attendees, and now have to rework all of that because of their inconsideration.

I would never impose on someone else’s family during a holiday if they didn’t invite me first. Clearly some people don’t care, or they have no idea how rude they are actually being. Either way, I’m so over these people and wish they would get their shit together. I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE ON CHRISTMAS, point-blank period!

Sorry, not sorry


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