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Since day one of my life, my family has always been my biggest cheerleaders and a constant source of encouragement. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t gas me up unnecessarily and they are the first ones to let me know when I need to improve on something, but overall they are extremely motivating. As a result of that I have always been a very confident and self assured person. Anyone that knows me personally probably wouldn’t think that I am at all doubtful in any of my abilities, but I am. There were always things that I thought I couldn’t do until I got to a certain place in life or skills that I couldn’t learn because I hadn’t started as a kid, but both of those lines of thinking were holding me back immensely. So after almost losing my life a little over two years ago and truly learning the lesson that life is too short to waste, I am throwing my mental road blocks out the window and starting to really embrace life again. I have always had a long list of places I’ve wanted to visit and things that I wanted to do and accomplish, so I am building on that list and starting to tackling some of those items. This list is full of exciting travel destination, unique skills, some pure fun, and a bit of ratchetness. Life is meant to be experienced and the only way to do that is to go out and immerse yourself in all the things that it has to offer.

I’ve started a Life List page on this blog so you can follow me on this journey. I will be updating you guys on what I’m working on, goals that I accomplish, and new items that I add to the list along the way. I will also start featuring some throw back stories of all the things that I have already accomplished and experienced so far.




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