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From the second I woke up yesterday (even though I was severely hung over) I was on cloud nine. I absolutely love the holiday season and am always so excited to be around friends and family during this time of the year. My day yesterday was filled with excellent food, strong drinks, lots of laughs, and more than anything immense love. I love any excuse to get together with my family but this year felt extra special. After the past two incredibly difficult years that my family has had, it finally feels that we have come out on the other end of it all. We have been left with some scars and still feel some of the heartbreak but we are all so incredibly grateful to be looking back on it all because it is just that, behind us.


This year my mom put together this Tree of Thanks and on each tag is something that everyone was thankful for. It was a visual representation of everything that we have and cherish in our lives. I have so much to be thankful for, but most of all the amazing people who I get to share my incredibly blessed life with. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with their families and your day was filled with lots, and lots of love.


4 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Hi, I enjoyed your post. I’m in Nigeria and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like Americans but I’m always thankful. Today I’m thankful I’m alive and in good health. Cheers, Duyile

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  2. Adriana, I really like the idea for the Tree of Thanks. Your mom did a good job!

    Also, I’ve nominated you and your blog for a Leibster Award. I chose you because I enjoy reading your blog and your ideas!
    What do you do next? Come to my blog and copy and answer the 11 questions at the end to a new blog post on your blog and nominate 11 of your favorite bloggers who have less than 500 followers! Happy blogging!

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