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After yet another person that I know, got into a serious relationship with the person they met through Tinder, I decided that I needed to stop fighting the idea of signing up and take the plunge. Some of you may not know what Tinder is, so I’ll tell you. It’s a dating app that uses your location to find singles in your area to match you with. You swipe left to a person’s profile if you are not interested in what you see from their pictures and bio. If you do like what you see and want to potentially talk to them, you swipe right. If you and them have both swiped right to one another, you are able to begin chatting.

I never thought I was the kind of person to be into online dating (and the jury is still out on whether I really like it or not) but I decided I needed to try a different avenue to meet someone new. The one real complaint I have with the app (other than I haven’t found a husband yet) is with the registration process. You have to log into the app through your Facebook, and for someone that has not updated their Facebook page since 2011, I found this to be a real bother. In order to use pictures that were current for my Tinder profile (and not the ones from my Junior year of college), I had to upload a new album to my Facebook. I don’t know why you can’t upload pictures straight from your phone but it was a real hassle to figure out.

After finally getting my profile and pictures to my liking, I started sifting through all of my potential matches. Now Tinder isn’t like or E-Harmony where they are taking your personality into account before showing you potential matches. It’s all very superficial until you actually match with someone and start getting to know them. So if I found someone attractive and they didn’t seem like a total idiot in their bio, I swiped right. It took me quite some time to find anyone that I wanted to match with. I swiped left to SOOOO many people that I started to think that it hadn’t been a good idea after all. But after some time of going through profiles, I started to find people that caught my eye and I began swiping right. On that first night I matched with quite a few people and immediately started to receive messages from some of them.

I was so nervous to begin talking to anyone, that I didn’t start responding right away. I went to sleep that night with a feeling of panic over what would happen if I responded to anyone. I woke up the next morning with even more messages from my matches and was totally overwhelmed. After one of my girlfriends snapped some sense into me, I realizing that this is what’s to be expected and what I wanted to happen when I joined the site. I’m not even sure what I was thinking because, “HELLO! You want to meet new people Adriana, you have to talk to them to accomplish that. DUH!” So once I came back to planet Earth, I was able to let go of my anxiety and start to finally respond to my matches.

The guys that I have been talking to since joining the site have all been very nice, intelligent, and seeming to have their lives together. What will come from them is unsure for now, but the possibilities really are endless. I am definitely trying to keep an open mind with this whole process and I’m looking forward to going on some dates (I have TWO this weekend, wish me luck). I will keep you guys updated on how everything goes. If my track record of terrible/hilarious dates is any indication, I’m sure some funny stories will come from this.



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