Must Watch TV

The AffairDisclaimer: I watch WAAAAYYYYY too much TV.

I have a unnatural obsession with television. After spending a big portion of the past two years in bed there are very few shows that I don’t watch religiously or at the very least have caught a few episodes of. So as soon as I saw the segment of The Affair on The People’s Couch (one of the funniest/best/my favorite shows on TV), I knew I had to start watching immediately.

One night this week I binge watched the first four episodes that have aired so far and I fell in LOVE. The show is about, you guessed it, an affair between a man, Noah, and a woman, Alison. The show follows how the pair met and started seeing each other but what sets this story apart is that you get to see their evolution from both of their perspectives. You know that saying “There’s my side, your side, and the truth?” Well this show takes that concept to another level to unravel the story line. You learn very quickly that there is an ongoing investigation of a man who has died. The investigator is interviewing each of them about their affair and how that connects them to the deceased. My favorite aspect of the show is that each of their perspectives on how they met and how their affair evolved is so different. And when I say different I mean TOTALLY different. For example when they met for the first time he remembers her hair being wild and sexy, but when she retells it her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. People really do see the world and events so differently, even when they are both experiencing the same thing. The writers explore and exploit that fact to their advantage in order to build the brilliantly suspenseful storyline.

I cannot wait for the remainder of the season to air to find out what happens next. If you are looking for something new to watch, this should be at the very top of your list. It airs on Showtime on Sundays at 10pm. If you watch the show, comment below and we can talk about all the nitty gritty.


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