Lesson Learned

I am a true believer that the universe conspires on your behalf to bring you to a time, place, or person in order to teach you a necessary lesson for your life. I have been known to meet someone while out and give them my number when I have no interest in them at all. This happens all too often and to make matters worse, I entertain some of these conversations even though I know I shouldn’t. It’s a problem, I know, and I’m trying to cure myself of this awful practice. About three years ago, the universe had had enough of my shenanigans and wanted to teach me a lesson.

One night I went out with a group of friends to a night club. We were drinking and dancing and having a jolly good time. At some point in the night I started to talk to Guy #1, who was the cousin of a close friend of mine. We spent an extended amount of time talking and dancing together for the night. At some point in the conversation we exchanged numbers to speak again at a later time. The rest of the night goes by and part of the group decides that they are going home. We say our good byes but myself and two of my girlfriends decided that we weren’t ready to call it a night yet, so we stayed.

We continued to dance and drink the night away. At this point Guy #2 approaches me to dance, which I accept, and proceed to tear up the dance floor. After some time my girlfriends and I decide that we had enough and call it a night. Before leaving Guy #2 asked me for my number and even though I didn’t really have any interest in talking to him further, I gave it to him because it seemed easier to appease him in the moment and ignore him later than to turn him down and have to explain why.

Now the next day comes around and I get a text message from Guy #1. We have a few conversation over the next few days and make plans to have dinner on the following Saturday night. So date night comes around and we decide on a restaurant to meet at. I am perpetually late to everything and this night was no different. Once I finally arrived at the restaurant I head in the direction of the bar to meet him. I look around and I do not see him so I reach for my phone to call him. As I’m dialing his number I hear someone say, “There you are.” I look up and the person coming towards me is not at all the person I was expecting to see.

At this point I freeze and very quickly (literally 2.5 seconds) the following thoughts race through my mind. “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?” “Wait, he looks familiar.” “How do I know this person?” “OMFG this is Guy #2 from the club” “How the hell did this happen?” I quickly try to remove the look of bewilderment that I know is plastered across my face and say hello. Now what had happened was at the end of the night when I thought I saved Guy #1’s number to my contacts, I actually saved Guy #2’s number. FAIL!!!!!!!!

We are then seated at our table and I still have a million thoughts racing through my mind about how this happened but I pull myself together and go into date mode. The rest of the evening goes on smoothly and we get to know each other over the course of dinner. This guy was very nice and the date wouldn’t have been what I consider “bad” BUT, I say that again, BUT, it was the WRONG GUY and I could not get over that.

What are the lessons learned here? First, if you have no interest in someone don’t give them your number. Save yourself the hassle of having to have an awkward conversation about why you don’t want to talk to them even though you gave them your number. Second, save all of the person’s contact information immediately after you put it in your phone. Don’t just call the number and leave it on your call log for later, like I did. Lastly, always verify the person you are talking to in some way. Ask for a picture, verify their full name, or add them on social media. Learn from my mistake because no one should have to endure this sort of mix up ever again. It’s embarrassing, confusing, and a total bitch slap in the face that you seriously need to reevaluate some of your habits when out and about. So Mr. Universe I heard you loud and clear. I have gotten better about just flat out refusing to give out my number but from time to time I slip up and give it out to someone undeserving. Old habits really do die hard.



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